Share Account

Membership with Ouachita Valley begins when you open your share account. You must maintain a minimum balance of $25.00 in your share account in order to keep your membership with us.  You are allowed four withdrawals per month. There is no limit on the number of withdrawals if you use the ATM machine.  Dividends are paid monthly.

Valley Youth Savers

Every young child can grasp the fundamentals of saving money and become excited about having their own savings account. By encouraging your child to have a savings account at Ouachita Valley, you will be helping your teenager and/or younger children understand the basics of personal finance and the importance of building sound money management habits. It will demonstrate the power of savings to help youngsters reach their goals and prepare them for the day when they start to manage their own money.  As children grow and acquire allowances, after-school jobs, and other income sources, they see those savings add up–and their pride and independence grow too. See a New Accounts Representative to start your child on the road to confident money management.

Christmas Club

Start saving today for the holidays by opening a Christmas Club account. This account earns a monthly dividend and requires only a $5.00 minimum deposit.  It also allows you one withdrawal per year if you choose to do so.  Every November 1st, your Christmas Club funds will be transferred to your share draft account.  If you do not have a share draft account, the money will be transferred to your regular share account.

Vacation Club

Would you like to take the trip you always dreamed of? Then Ouachita Valley’s Vacation Club is right for you.   This account earns a monthly dividend and requires only a $5.00 minimum deposit. You are allowed two withdrawals per year.